Getting everything ready for your trip
Enjoy 30% FX Spread Discount with your currency exchange!
Are you getting prepared for your upcoming trip?
Hang Seng provides fabulous FX offer for you to enjoy more travel fun through forward planning!
30% FX Spread DiscountFootnote remark[1]
From now till 26 December 2023, simply complete any one of the following itemsFootnote remark[2], you can enjoy 30% FX Spread DiscountFootnote remark[1] with currency exchange via Hang Seng Personal e-Banking or Hang Seng Personal Mobile App in the subsequent calendar monthFootnote remark[2].
Item 1
Register "Travel and foreign currency" as Selected Spending Categories with MMPOWER World Mastercard
Item 2
Accumulation of "Travel Spending" with net spending amount reaches HKD10,000 or its equivalent with eligible credit cardFootnote remark[3]
Want to learn how to enjoy the above offer?
1-26 September
Complete any one of the designated items
1-31 October
Enjoy 30% FX Spread Discount with 24/7Footnote remark[4] online currency exchange
Exchange designated currency to enjoy 1-week time deposit interest rate of up to 13.9% p.a.Footnote remark[6] simultaneously
Before Departure
Directly withdraw foreign currency at any Hang Seng Foreign Currency ATMsFootnote remark[5] nearby to enjoy a seamless experience when preparing for your travel expenses
Illustration for 30% FX Spread Discount
(Example of a Preferred Banking customer exchange GBP100,000 from HKD online)
GBP/HKD Bank Sell Rate
Original rate
Discounted rate
Required amount


Saving Amount:
*The exchange rates as shown on the illustration above are indicative and for reference only. You may check on the latest exchange rate by the time when conducting the related transaction.