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Have you also heard of the increasingly popular investment approach called ESG investment? ESG refers to Environmental, Social and Governance; and ESG investment means considering more on a corporate's ESG quality in your investment strategies in order to seek for sustainable investment and lowering potential risks. Let's dive deeper into possible ways to carry out sustainable investing, as well as how ESG investment can contribute to a sustainable future and the potential positive association to your investment.

Understanding ESG investment

In recent years, global climate change and resource shortages have intensified, making climate risk management an important investment theme that cannot be ignored. At the Global Climate Summit, many countries have set clear emission reduction targets and will continue to focus on environmental protection in the future.

In addition to community participation, social responsibility also includes issues such as whether the company's operation is compliant and legal, whether it is fair to consumers, and whether the protection of employees is adequate. Good social responsibility can not only directly enhance the reputation and value of a company, but also reduce the impact of potential policy risks.

The establishment of company values, goals and long-term strategies will help the company's sustainable development and reduce conflicts of interest. Meanwhile, good governance can strengthen corporate transparency and risk management, improve its ability to respond to adversity, and build investor confidence, which can help promote the company's financial performance to outperform its peers.

The Hong Kong market is also introducing more and more ESG themed investment products and choices, such as Investment FundsSimplyFundBonds and Certificates of Deposit. Investors, corporates and regulatory bodies are joining hands to pave way for a better ESG future. It will be right on track to attract even more capital, providing long term return to investors[1].

If you want to know more about ESG and Hang Seng Bank's ESG vision, please visit our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) page.

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Other point(s) to note

All investments involve risks (including the possibility of loss of the capital invested). Prices of investment products may go up as well as down and may even become valueless. Investors should not only base on this material alone to make any investment decision, but should read in detail in the relevant risk disclosure statements before making any investment decision.


  1. Investment involves risks.