Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility

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    Apply online or visit our branch

    Simple application by providing loan and personal information, no documents are required.

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    Get extra liquidity after successful approval[1]

    Secured loan facility will be effective after successful approval and confirmation SMS will be sent to the applicants' mobile number.

Only available to customers aged 18 or above with an Integrated Account[2]. Online application is only applicable to customers aged 18 to 64.

Get extra liquidity from your assets for more financial flexibility

Key features

Bring extra liquidity from a diversity of assets
(including up to 269 stocks, 1,454 funds, 116 bonds etc)[3]

Overdraft amount of up to 95% of the market value of the collaterals[3]

Revolving credit line allows flexible repayment without minimum payment

Interest being calculated on the overdrawn amount is on a daily basis

Product Details


Case sharing for Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility (for reference only)

Mr. Chan requires a sum of money for his son to study abroad, but most of his assets have been used for investment. By applying the Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility, Mr. Chan can get extra liquidity from his asset holdings.

Asset Type

Market value (HKD) x Loan ratio

USD Time Deposit

300,000.00 x 95%

Investment Fund

500,000.00 x 70%


500,000.00 x 50%

Total Secured Overdraft available limit

By pledging the asset holdings, Mr. Chan can get available limit of HKD885,000.00[4]

Asset type Loan ratio (% of asset market value)
Property Up to 60% of appraised property value
HKD time deposit Up to 95%
USD savings deposit /time deposit Up to 95%
CNY/ CAD/ JPY/ EUR savings deposit /time deposit Up to 90%
GBP/ AUD/ CHF/ NZD savings deposit /time deposit Up to 85%
Certificate of Deposit Up to 90%
Statement Gold Up to 80%
MaxiInterest Investment Deposit Up to 60%
Stocks Up to 50%
Bonds Up to 90%
Capital Protected Investment Deposit (CPI) Up to 95%
Capital Protected Equity Linked Note / Capital Protected Structured Product Up to 90%
Equity Linked Investment / Equity Linked Note Up to 45%
Capital Guaranteed Fund Up to 90%
Open-ended Fund Up to 70%

You may logon to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking for the relevant Secured Asset Type and Loan Ratio of individual assets.
(Loans and Overdraft> Asset Link Secured Overdraft> Product Information> Asset Type and Loan Ratio table)

Please provide the following information to calculate the interest paid amount:

Your loan plan Result
As of HKT
Monthly repayment amount
Monthly flat rate
- %
Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Credit Card Minimum Payment
Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan Credit Card Minimum Payment
Monthly repayment amount HKD - Minimum Payment
Total interest amount HKD -
(Save HKD -)
Repayment period 72 month(s)
(Shortened by - month(s))
- month(s)
The Annualised Percentage Rate of Debt Consolidation Instalment Loan is -
Your payment will be as follows if you make no additional changes using this account:
Each month you pay (HKD) Repayment period Estimated total payment amount (HKD)
Each month you pay (HKD) Repayment period Estimated total payment amount (HKD)
Only the minimum repayment - month(s) -
- 36 month(s) -
If you pay off the balance amount in 36 months, you can save HKD - for the total payment amount.
Annual interest rate
- %
Annualised Percentage Rate (”APR“)
- %
Daily interest payable Daily interest paid
Monthly interest paid[6] Monthly interest paid[7]
HKD - -
Interest rate Effective rate (p.a.)
- %
Monthly minimum payment amount
Your loan plan

The result of this calculator is for reference only. The actual repayment liability including actual interest to be paid will depend on the actual daily Loan Amount, the terms stated in the Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility Application Form and Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility's Terms and Conditions.


Other point(s) to note

  1. Hang Seng Bank Limited (“the Bank”) reserves the right to terminate or vary the offers and the approval of the Secured Overdraft Facility and the related terms and conditions from time to time. For enquiries or full details of the related terms and conditions, please contact us.
  2. Related fee will be charged for the Secured Overdraft Facility and interest will be charged by using the Secured Overdraft Facility.


  1. The available limit of Secured Overdraft should be adjusted according to the market value of the assets and the relevant loan ratios from time to time. All asset types must be approved by Hang Seng.
  2. Integrated Account includes Prestige Private/ Prestige Banking/ Preferred Banking or Integrated Account.
  3. Hang Seng shall have the absolute discretion to prescribe and change the asset types and loan ratios, overdraft interest rate and fees for the Facility.
  4. It is assumed that the loan ratio of investment fund and securities held by the customer are 70% and 50% respectively in the above example.
  5. The above interest rate is applicable for new applications of Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility. "P" represents the HKD Prime Rate as quoted by Hang Seng from time to time.
  6. Monthly interest paid is calculated by assuming each month has 30 days and the Overdrawn Amount remains unchanged.
  7. You can view or download the Terms and Conditions of Asset Link Secured Overdraft Facility (effective 6 May 2024).

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