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Other point(s) to note:

  1. Working days do not including weekends and public holidays.
  2. Applicable plans for Life Insurance:
    eCancerPro Insurance Plan, eFamilyPro Life Insurance Plan, 5-Year eEndowment Life Insurance Plan, eIncomePro Deferred Annuity Plan (100% Guaranteed), FutureEnrich Life Insurance Plan, HarvestLife (RMB) Life Insurance Plan, SavourLife II (RMB) Annuity Life Insurance Plan, MaxiAnnuity Life Insurance Plan, PrimeLife Deferred Annuity Life Insurance Plan, PreciousWay Education Life Insurance Plan, EmbraceLife Insurance Plan, Mortgage Life Protection Plan, Treasure Life II Insurance Plan, Splendid Universal Life Insurance Plan, PreciousLife Critical Illness Life Insurance Plan, MediCash Lifetime Insurance Plan, SurgicalGuard II Refundable Life Insurance Plan, Refundable Critical Illness Life Insurance Plan and Refundable Accident Protection Life Insurance Plan
  3. Applicable plans for General Insurance:
    Travelsure Protection Plan, Home Care Plus Home Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance Plan, Domestic Helper Insurance Plan, Part-time Domestic Helper Insurance Plan, Private Car Insurance Plan and Fire Insurance Plan
  4. Applicable plans for Medical Insurance:
    Bupa MyBasic VHIS Plan, Bupa Hero VHIS Plan, Global Prestige VHIS Plan, Hang Seng Bupa PreciousHealth Series -Essential Health Insurance Scheme, Excel Health Insurance Scheme, Excel Plus Health Insurance Scheme and Global Supreme Health Insurance Scheme


  1. Payment of benefits will be based on, among others, the final report from the attending physician and the Policy Provisions.
  2. Online claims submission is subject to the specified limit shown in myBupa eClaims Service section. Online submission of hospital claims is only applicable to Global Supreme Health Insurance Scheme and Global Prestige VHIS Plan