Points to note for video remote application for insurance or video completion of relevant insurance forms


If you would like to proceed with a remote application for insurance and a financial needs analysis or completing relevant insurance forms via video conferencing, please read the following:
  1. We may ask you questions and discuss with you about your insurance and financial needs, or ask you questions related to the insurance forms with the aid of video conferencing. You may use a tablet / laptop computer / desktop computer to read the questions you are about to answer. Meanwhile, we will conduct the audio conversation with you via Zoom or a separate telephone line.
  2. We will use Zoom, a video conferencing platform, to share a screen with you and show you relevant information instantly.
  3. You are required to use either Zoom or a mobile phone for audio conversations.
  4. During the Zoom video conference, our staff will turn on the camera to clearly show our faces to customers. At the same time, customers are required to turn on their cameras as well so that customers and staff can see each other’s face.
  5. Due to regulatory requirements, the entire sales and application process or the process of completing the relevant insurance forms with you must take place within Hong Kong. If your video conference does not comply with this requirement, please notify your relationship manager to halt the sales or form-filling process with you if it has been started.
  6. If a customer falsely claims to be in Hong Kong, we reserve the right to take any necessary actions to comply with regulations, including but not limited to cancellation of issued insurance policies or suspension of insurance policy applications.  
  7. To ensure your privacy, please do not use other software or tools to record part or all of a Zoom conference, or to capture any screenshots of the Zoom conference.
  8. Please do not join the Zoom meeting in a public area with crowds. Please be mindful of the surrounding environment in your location to stay aware of the risk of shoulder surfing by other people.
  9. For details of online security reminders, please browse our Security Information Centre.

Once you have read, understood and agreed the above points, please notify your Relationship Manager / staff who is serving you through your insurance journey to proceed with the relevant procedures.

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Other information

For more details about our insurance products and other protection solutions, please visit our Insurance & MPF webpage or contact your Relationship Manager.

Adding to the convenience of applying for insurance at home, we offer remote application through video conferencing. Please contact your Relationship Manager for details or to book a video-enabled appointment.

Should you look for information of insurance products, please visit our insurance products webpage.