Forex investment guide

Earn potential interest through foreign exchange

MaxiInterest Investment Deposit helps you capture investment opportunities in FX market in a new way

There are many occasions that we need to exchange currencies nowadays – prepare for travelling, pay school fees for children studying abroad, and planning for emigration, etc. Many of us find it difficult to keep track with the ever-changing rates and suffer additional loss. MaxiInterest Investment Deposit is an alternative way for you to trade and earn higher potential interest in the FX market.

Wrong guesses on exchange rate can still get your interest

Have you ever missed the chance to exchange at the best rate due to your hesitation? With currency-linked deposit, you can earn a high potential interest return by choosing the currency pair that you preferred. Just sit back and earn more across different currencies.

In case of travel, it’s so common that we exchange several thousands of our saving into a foreign currency – MaxiInterest Investment Deposit is just as casual, with a minimum investment as low as HKD5,000. Select HKD or other currency as Deposit Currency, and set the Initial Exchange Rate and deposit period. After the period, you can compare the actual rate with Initial Rate you set. If the actual rate is higher, you earn the interest in your Deposit Currency; otherwise, you will receive your principal amount plus interest by exchanging into the Linked Currency using Initial Rate.

Illustrative example

Let’s assume the deposit currency of Hong Kong Dollar is your home currency and you take a bullish view on Australian Dollar, expecting the exchange rate of AUD / HKD to increase (AUD appreciates relative to HKD). You set up a MaxiInterest Investment Deposit with HKD100,000 as principal amount for one month, taking AUD as the linked currency.

Assuming the exchange rate of AUD / HKD is 6.8400 at the start of the investment:



Deposit currency

HKD (Home currency)

Linked currency


Principal amount


Deposit period

1 month (30 days)

Initial exchange rate (AUD / HKD)


Annual interest rate


Chart: Understand your return in different scenarios

Scenario 1: AUD appreciates or remains unchanged relative to HKD

AUD / HKD on final exchange rate fixing date is equal to or higher than 6.8400

Final exchange eate: 6.9000

  1. When you subscribe

    You invested HKD100,000
  2. On maturity date

    Received currency and amount upon maturity date HKD100,328.77

Your gain upon maturity date
(HKD100,000 x 1 + 4.000% (Annual interest rate) x 30/365)  - HKD100,000 = HKD328.77

Scenario 2: AUD depreciates relative to HKD

AUD / HKD on final exchange rate fixing date is lower than 6.8400

Final exchange rate: 6.8000

  1. When you subscribe

    You invested HKD100,000
  2. On maturity date

    Received currency and amount upon maturity date AUD14,667.95
    (principal plus interest paid in AUD by exchange rate of 6.84)

Your loss upon maturity date
{[(HKD100,000 x 1 + 4.000% (annual interest rate) x 30/365) / 6.8400] x 6.8} - HKD100,000 = HKD257.95

FX is now more than just a matter of rate

Foreign exchange is not just a one-way game of “buy low and sell high” anymore, it can also be served as a trading tool with potential to earn higher interest return. Whether you are in need of foreign currency or aiming to grow your wealth, MaxiInterest Investment Deposit merges the concept of FX and interest earning to open up a new investment trend of low minimum amount and high flexibility. For more examples on how it works, please visit MaxiInterest Investment Deposit.

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Other point(s) to note

  1. This is a structured product involving derivatives. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the MaxiInterest Investment Deposit unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives. Investors should read the relevant Important Facts Statement, Terms and Conditions and risk disclosure statement before making any investment decision.
  2. Investors should note that this product is not capital protected and is not normal time deposit, and thus should not be considered as normal time deposit or its alternative.
  3. Earnings on this product are limited to the nominal interest payable. As the principal and the earning will be paid in the Deposit Currency or the Linked Currency, whichever has depreciated against the other, investors will have to bear the potential losses due to currency depreciation, which may be substantial. If the product is withdrawn before final exchange rate fixing date, investors will also have to bear the costs involved. Such losses and costs may reduce the earnings and the principal amount of this product. Investors should seek professional advice when necessary. The relevant Terms and Conditions of this product are available upon request to the staff of Hang Seng Bank Limited (the "Bank").
  4. This product is not a protected deposit and is not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.
  5. Investment in this product is subject to the credit risk of the Bank.
  6. The final exchange rate fixing date is the maturity date of the deposit or such other business day as may be determined by the Bank.


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