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Investment funds are managed by dedicated fund managers. Based on their analysis and asset allocation strategy, investors can have the chance to seize investment opportunities in Hong Kong and across the world, even for those with less budget.

Meeting your various fund investment needs, our investment fund services offer a wide range of investment funds covering different types of funds, regions and asset classes, including equity funds, bond funds, multi-asset funds, thematic funds, income funds and index funds for your selection.

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Each fund is managed by a dedicated fund manager. Based on different market conditions, a fund manager and his/her team will use professional analysis to select investments with higher potential, while aligning with the investment goals. They will also adjust the investment fund portfolio according to economic and market trends, in order to manage the risks and strive to generate returns.

Compared with direct subscription of assets like single equity and foreign currency, investment funds maybe better at risk diversification. For example, an equity fund can invest in a variety of stocks of different sectors and backgrounds at the same time. Even when one stock or stocks of a certain category are affected by different factors, the investment funds may still offset the losses with profits gained from other stocks.

It is comparatively difficult for general investors to invest directly in overseas assets, such as bonds issued by foreign governments, foreign stock markets, and commodities like oil and precious metals. By buying the types of funds that hold such assets, investors have the opportunity to engage in global investment.

Investors can buy or sell investment funds on any dealing days though different channels.

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You need to hold a Hang Seng Bank account and open a fund account for more services.

  1. To register and log on to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking, you need to hold one of the following Hang Seng accounts:
    • Prestige Private
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  2. To purchase a fund for the first time, you need to register a fund account, then click Open Account to continue. This only takes a few steps.

Hang Seng Bank offers diversified fund portfolios in Hong Kong, Mainland China and global markets, including equity funds, bond funds or balanced funds, which caters various investment needs.

For more information, you can search for more funds in our Fund SuperMart or log on to the Hang Seng Personal e-Banking mobile app, and search for more fund options.

The minimum investment amount in branch is HKD20,000 or equivalent.

The minimum investment amount on Hang Seng Mobile App is HKD5,000 or equivalent.

Normally, we deduct the investment amount from your selected account within the same business day when we process your instruction. Please ensure you have sufficient balance in your account.

For orders received before the cut-off time of a fund, we will process them on the same day.

After the cut-off time, we will process it in the next dealing day.

Note that the order processing day may not be the fund dealing day, depending on the fund dealing frequency and whether it‘s a holiday in the relevant market.

Please also note that the cut-off time set by the bank may be earlier than that set by the fund manager of the relevant fund, and different cut-off time may be set in respect of applications through the bank and different dealing channels.

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Other point(s) to note

  1. Not all of the investment funds that are distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited (the “Bank”) are available on the Bank’s online platform. Please visit our branches for the full range of investment funds distributed by the Bank.
  2. For information which is  "Powered By" other fund houses, Morningstar Asia Limited and other information providers (the "Information"), it is being re-transmitted by the Bank in the ordinary course of business to you for general information and reference purposes only. The Bank, its officers, employees and agents did not devise, select, add to, modify or otherwise exercise control over the Information, do not take responsibility for it nor do they endorse the accuracy of such information.
  3. The returns are denominated in relevant fund currency (which may be foreign currency). US/HK dollar-based investors may therefore be exposed to fluctuations in the US/HK dollar/foreign currency exchange rate.
  4. The fund(s) mentioned above has been authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong (the "SFC"). SFC authorization is not a recommendation or endorsement of a fund nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of a fund or its performance. It does not mean the fund is suitable for all investors nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular investor or class of investors.
  5. This webpage has not been reviewed by the SFC


  1. The above is a list of investment funds distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited that are filtered out based on your selected preference(s) and is for general information and reference only, and is not nor is it intended to be a solicitation, recommendation or advice on any funds. Investors should note that all investments involve risks (including the possibility of loss of the capital invested), prices of fund units may go up as well as down and past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. Investors should read carefully and understand the relevant fund's offering documents (including the fund details and full text of the risk factors stated therein (in particular those associated with investments in emerging markets for funds investing in emerging markets)) before making any investment decision.
  2. Wealth Master aims to help customers understand their asset allocation and facilitate their investment planning to achieve their own financial goals. No asset allocation and/or product recommendation will be made by Hang Seng Bank Limited (the “Bank”). No representation is made to the appropriateness of any of the securities and/or investment products referred to herein for any particular person’s circumstances. The information of Wealth Master is for general reference only and information presented is not indicative of future performance of any assets. There is no guarantee that target portfolio can achieve any results or can be used as reference under any market conditions. Wealth Master does not and is not intended to provide any professional financial, investment or other opinion or advice, nor should it be considered as a recommendation to deal in any investment products, investment portfolio management service or ongoing portfolio monitoring services. No financial or investment decision should be made solely based on Wealth Master (including the results). Investment involves risks (including the possibility of loss of the capital invested). Investors should read in detail of the the Risk Disclosure Statement of the relevant investment products.
  3. “Top 10 Best-selling funds” lists the top 10 best-selling funds among all funds distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited during the previous month, based on the total subscription amount (in HKD or equivalent) for each fund. In the case where a fund is denominated in a currency other than HKD, the prevailing foreign exchange rate as determined by Hang Seng Bank Limited from time to time will be used for converting the subscription amount into HKD, in calculating the total subscription amount. The total subscription amount includes subscription amount for switching-in transactions. The funds shown in the table under “Top 10 Best-selling funds” are listed in no particular order. Result of the “Top 10 Best-selling funds” is provided for general information and reference only and is not intended to constitute solicitation, recommendation, or advice.
  4. "New Funds Express" sets out all open-end investment funds newly distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited recently (the exact time period can be viewed on Fund SuperMart)
  5. Investment involves risk.
  6. This service is not available to customers who:
    • only hold joint-named integrated accounts
    • already hold a sole-named Prestige Banking account
    Such customers can make an appointment online to open or upgrade account in any of our branches.