Security tips on ATM service

Security tips on ATM service

Using ATM safely

Criminals would conduct fraudulent activities on ATM in various ways, for example:

  • Attach card readers to the card slots on an ATM in order to copy all the account information associated with that card
  • Hide pinhole cameras near an ATM, then loosen or remove the PIN shields in order to record your PIN while entering
  • Watch you closely to try and see your PIN as you enter it, then try to distract you with pretexts and finally swap your ATM card for a dummy card

Please consider adopting the below measures to promote security level of using ATM services:

  • Cancel transaction immediately, take back your card and contact us when noticing any suspicious device near an ATM
  • Refuse all offers of help from strangers during using ATM
  • Be alert as always. Do not allow yourself to be distracted
  • Cover the numeric pad and make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder when entering PIN
  • Remember to retrieve your card, cash and transaction receipt
  • Do not allow other people to use your ATM card

Setting and protecting your ATM card PIN

To safeguard your interests, please consider adopting the below measures to promote the security level of your ATM card PIN:

  • When receiving the printed notification containing your card PIN, memorise the PIN immediately, change the PIN on our ATM / HSBC ATM, and then securely erase the notification
  • Take appropriate steps to keep your card PIN secret to guard against fraud. Do not divulge your card PIN to or allow using the PIN by anyone (including Hang Seng staff)
  • Do not write your card PIN down (especially on any of your ATM cards, other banking cards, or on any mobile devices / items stored with the card information)
  • Do not use your personal information easily guessed or obtained by others as ATM card PIN (e.g. identity card number, phone number or birthday)
  • Setting a separate PIN for ATM card which is not used for other banking services
  • Change ATM card PIN regularly through ATM

If your ATM card / ATM card PIN is lost or stolen, please immediately call our 24-hour Lost Card Hotline at (852) 2836 0838. To ensure that card loss protection takes effect as soon as possible, please do not report loss or theft by fax.

Important note

If you incur losses due to failure of complying with the above security measures, or through your own fraudulent or negligent behaviour, you may be responsible for all losses.