Security Information Centre

Preventing cyber attacks or scams


Find out how phishing damages your interests, and relevant precautionary advice.

Malicious software

Malicious software can lead to data leakage or monetary loss. Learn how to secure your computers.

Social engineering scam

Social media may be a breeding ground for fraudsters. Be prepared to spot social engineering scam.

Online shopping scams

Find out how fraudsters cheat money from online shopping, and relevant security tips.

Money Mule Scams

Find out how fraudsters use others' bank accounts or personal information for money laundering and the relevant legal consequences and security tips.

Temporarily Block or Unblock Card

Learn how to block or unblock your credit card temporarily.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Fraud prevention in more detail

Fraudulent calls, SMS, emails and promotional materials

Learn how calls, SMS, emails and promotion materials are used in fraudulent activities and relevant safety tips.

Ways of fraud reporting

Find out channels of reporting on different fraudulent activities.

Security alerts

The latest security alerts issued by Hang Seng Bank.

Security tips when using cards

Learn common scam signs and tips to prevent credit card fraud.

Security tips on banking services

Online banking

Learn various ways to avoid criminals from stealing your data and money from your online banking account.

Mobile banking and mobile payment

Find out what measures can be taken to effectively safeguard your interests when using mobile banking and mobile payment.

ATM service

Understand how to protect yourself from fraudulent activities related to ATM service.

Phone banking

Get advice to boost security level of phone banking.

Online anti-fraud resources


Beware of scams! Don't provide bank, credit card, debit card, investment, insurance and MPF accounts or other key personal information via links embedded in suspicious messages claiming to be from us.