Ways of fraud reporting

Ways of fraud reporting

Identifying transactions you do not recognise or feel suspicious of

It is not necessarily a scam for a charge you do not recognise. There might be another reasons for it. You may contact the concerning merchant for enquiry or try sorting out the transaction you are unsure about. If the problem remains unsolved, or you suspect that the transaction is fraudulent, please contact us immediately:

Receiving suspicious phone calls, voice messages, SMS, emails or promotion materials claiming to be from Hang Seng

Please visit our branches or contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2822 0228 (press "#" and then "9" after selecting language) and provide information including caller / sender identity, phone number / sender email address and message content for verification.

If you believe the voice message, SMS, email or promotion materials claiming to be from Hang Seng Bank are bogus, you can report a case to us by forwarding the message to phishing@hangseng.com.

Things to note:

  • Ensure you copy the full voice message, SMS text, email, promotion materials or website address (URL) into the body of the email
  • Do not send any sensitive personal information within the email
  • Please note phishing@hangseng.com is an automated inbound mailbox only. You will receive an automated response from us when we have received your email

Lost or stolen of credit card

Please call our 24-hour Report Card Loss Hotline (852) 2836 0838 as soonest as possible.

Moreover, check the transaction record to identify any suspicious transactions during the period of credit card being lost or stolen.

Lost of identity document

In addition to reporting the incident to the police, please call our 24-hour Report Card Loss Hotline at (852) 2836 0838 as soon as possible to let us know.

Log-on credentials being disclosed

If you have disclosed any log-on credentials, passwords, security codes or other sensitive information, or if you suspect your account has been misused, please call our Phone Banking Hotline at (852) 2998 8022 for Prestige Private customers, (852) 2998 9188 for Prestige Banking customers, (852) 2822 8228 for Preferred Banking customers, (852) 2912 3456 for Integrated Account customers and (852) 2822 0228 for other customers immediately for reporting.

Check your transaction record promptly to identify any unauthorised transactions and change your account passwords immediately.