Register for e-Statement to view up to 7 years of statement history online to help understand your finances

e-Statement / e-Advice Service

Service Introduction

To reduce paper consumption and help conserve natural resources, Hang Seng Bank always encourages the use of the e-Statement / e-Advice to replace paper statements / advices in order to reduce paper consumption.


e-Statement / e-Advice Service enables you to view and download the electronic version of statement and advice through Hang Seng Personal e-Banking or Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app. Free e-mail reminder will also be sent to customers when latest statement / advice is issued. ^


Benefits of e-Statement / e-Advice Service

Besides of reducing paper consumption, e-Statement /e-Advice Service can also bring you the following conveniences:
  • Speedy and secured

  • No delay due to postal delivery. Customer can receive new statement once it is issued
  • Convenient
  • Saving your time and space for filing piles of paper statement / advice
  • Space-saving
  • Online access via Hang Seng Personal e-Banking or Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app up to past 7 years of statements and past 6 months of advices +
  • Simple and easy
  • Layout and content are exactly the same as that of paper statements. Easy to download and print.
  • Timely alert

  • Receive reminder when new e-Statement / e-Advice is available^:
    - Banking / Investment / Mortgage Loan Accounts – FREE e-mail reminder
    - Card Accounts – Push Notification and FREE e-mail / SMS reminder*
      Paper Statement Service Annual Fee (“the fee”) has been applied to personal banking accounts including Prestige Private, Prestige Banking, Preferred Banking, Integrated Account, Family+ Account, HKD Current Account, HKD Statement Savings Account and ATM Statement Savings Account since 2017.
      Starting from 1 July 2018, the fee will also be applicable to designated personal credit card accounts including Prestige World Mastercard® , Platinum Card, Gold Card, Classic Card, USD Visa Gold Card, Spending Card^, Renminbi Credit Card (Platinum Card/ Gold Card/ Classic Card), MMPOWER World Mastercard® and Visa Signature Card.
      If you have already registered for our e-Statement/ e-Advice Service for your account(s), you can enjoy free of charge access to the statement online.
      ^ Spending Card account is a non-interest bearing account. Funds maintained in the Spending Card account are not protected deposit and are not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.
      Details about Paper Statement Service Annual Fee
      Account Type
      Annual Fee Period
      Charge Criteria

      Paper Statement Service Annual Fee

      Debit Month

      Personal banking accounts

      For every 12 months period from July to June of the following year
      Applies to each account that generates more than two paper statements during the Annual Fee Period
      HK$60 per account
      July to August of the following year

      Personal credit card accounts

      HK$40 / CNY40 / US$5
      per account
      (subject to card type)#

      # The fee will be applicable to both Principal and Supplementary Card accounts (except Supplementary Cards which share same credit limit with the Principal Cards).
      Exemptions from the fee
      The Paper Statement Service Annual Fee will not be applied to investment, loans, mortgage and Hang Seng insurance accounts.
      Moreover, customers who meet the following criteria will also be exempted:
      (1)  Aged below 18 or aged 65 and above
      (2)  Recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (supporting documents required)
      (3)  Persons who present a proof of disability document (e.g. document of receiving government disability allowance)

      For banking joint accounts, if any one of the account holders meets the above exemption criteria, the fee will also be exempted. Any customer who meets either criteria (2) or (3) but has not informed us about the status should visit our branch to arrange for fee exemption.
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