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Hang Seng HSBCnet

Hang Seng HSBCnet

Hang Seng HSBCnet is a Global Online Commercial Banking platform, enabling you to capture the business oppurtunities in the mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

Service Overview

Service Details
Account Information Access to your account information instantly, including account balance and transactions worldwide. Plus allows you to link up Unlimited number of accounts.
Payment Services Diversified payment service solutions supporting Local Interbank Transfer, Faster Payment Service, Telegraphic Transfer, Auto-pay and Cheque Outsourcing Service. Hang Seng HSBCnet offers on-screen one time payment instructions, payment templates, as well as file upload to meet your business needs.
Payment Advising Service Allows you to issue payment advice to designated recipient upon successful transactions instantly. Supports up to 6 deliveries via e-mail, SMS and Fax to facilitate your recipient for easy receivables reconciliation.
Trade Services Enable you to apply for Import DC/Amendment online and gain access to real-time trade account information and transaction details.
Collection Services Receives consolidated information of clients’ receivables from various Hang Seng collection channels in an efficient, timely and cost effective way.
Time Deposit Services Maximize the interest returns with the surplus funds by placing time deposits and create maturity instructions online.
e-Cheque Deposit Services Deposit with Hang Seng HSBCnet e-Cheque Services in a more secure and convenient manner at anytime and anywhere with just a few simple steps.
Track Payments Service A self-service tool that integrates payment instruction status information from SWIFT global payment innovation (gpi) service, which provides you an increased speed, transparency and traceability of real-time end-to-end cross-border payments tracking solution.

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Call 2198 8000
Call 2198 8000

Digital Services

How can we make a difference for you?

Integrated platform to Cash Management and Trade services

Access full range of Cash Management and Trade services with a single logon.

Centralized Cross border account reporting

A single holistic view to your Hang Seng, Macau SAR, mainland China bank accounts.

Comprehensive Payment

Comprehensive Payment Tools to support single and bulk payments.

Advising tools

Payment Advising Service to issue SMS, Email and Fax advices.

Scalable Transaction Limit

Unlimited Daily Transaction Limit to meet customer's diverse business needs.

Powerful set of Reporting Tool

Full set of reports to meet your daily business needs.

Robust Security and Internal Controls

Providing a powerful authorization matrix - support up to 3 level of authorization.



Track Payments Service

Allows you to track the progress status of cross-border payments end-to-end in real time.



**Important Note**
Starting from 1 August 2023, a fee of HK$200 per Hang Seng HSBCnet physical security device (“hard token”) will be imposed on you for each hard token order request. For details, please contact our Business Partners Direct at (852) 2198 8000.
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