Direct Debit Authorisation

Hang Seng Direct Debit Authorisation Service helps you make the settlement of bills easier and simpler. You can set up or modify your Direct Debit Authorisation Instruction by the following channels:
You can set up your Direct Debit Authorisation to designated merchants or organisations by selecting the required category and beneficiary in the menu.
You can also simply set up your Direct Debit Authorisation by using mobile number, email address or FPS Identifier of the beneficiary registered for Faster Payment System (FPS), or account number of the beneficiary.
After logging on to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking, you can also amend or delete your existing instructions in "Direct Debit Authorisation" under the main menu.
If you wish to update other transfer and payment related settings, please visit Manage your banking profile.
Simply pre-set your Direct Debit Authorisation instruction, automate the regular transfer of funds from your bank account to the required merchants and organisations accordingly.

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