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We strive to provide reliable and convenient Payroll Service for you to manage your wealth with ease. As our Payroll customer, you will enjoy a broad spectrum of services and banking privileges(1):

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    Terms and Conditions for the Financial and Banking Privileges:
    To be eligible for the financial and banking privileges, customers must have payroll transactions for at least two months with Prestige Banking or Preferred Banking account within the recent three months. For details, terms and conditions, please contact our staff.
    Terms and Conditions for the Priority Approved Unsecured Overdraft Facility:
    Priority approved Unsecured Overdraft Facility is only applicable to integrated account (include Prestige Banking, Preferred Banking, Green Banking and Integrated Account) holders who are permanent Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above, with a monthly salary of HK$5,000 or above and have not been approved with the Hang Seng Unsecured Overdraft Facility.
    The maximum overdraft limit can be HK$800,000 or 8 times your monthly salary (whichever is lower). The final approved overdraft limit is subject to change in accordance with the circumstances of individual cases.
    Prestige Banking customers can enjoy perpetual annual fee waiver for the Unsecured Overdraft Facility, while other integrated account customers can enjoy first-year annual fee waiver. The annual fee that will be waived for the first year of the Unsecured Overdraft Facility ranges from 0.5% to 1% of the overdraft limit is subject to a minimum of HK$200 and a maximum of HK$800. The second year's annual fee of the Unsecured Overdraft Facility for other integrated account customers will be charged on the first anniversary of the effective date of the Unsecured Overdraft Facility.

    Hang Seng shall have the absolute discretion to prescribe and change the overdraft limit, interest rate and fees from time to time. Hang Seng also reserves the right to withhold the approval of the Unsecured Overdraft Facility at any time, and to revise the relevant terms and conditions from time to time. For details of the terms and conditions, interest rates and fees of the service, please call 2812 8000 or refer to the promotional leaflet of the Unsecured Overdraft Facility.
    General Terms and Conditions:
    All the above offers are applicable to personal customers who have payroll transactions in HKD only.
    Hang Seng reserves the right to suspend, vary and discontinue all the above offers and amend the relevant terms and conditions of the offers from time to time. The decision of Hang Seng on all matters relating to the above offers shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
    In case of any inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.