Virtual Account Service

Your Priority:

Simplifying account management and reconciliation, as well as reducing the costs of cash management.

Virtual Account Service:

You can easily identify incoming payments to achieve easy reconciliation by setting up a unique Virtual Account for each and every customer. Incoming payments will be automatically consolidated into the pre-set physical Collection Account. With this highly effective and efficient solution, your receivables management can be easily optimized, particularly if you are engaged in businesses with ongoing needs for local and/or overseas bulk payment collection, such as the property management, sales and distribution, education and transportation sectors, etc.

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How does it work:

1. Setting the Collection Account

Initiate the link between all Virtual Accounts at one go to the pre-set physical Current Account or Savings Account.

2. Virtual Accounts Mapping

Inform each customer about their Unique Virtual Account Number for payment collection.

3. Digital Payment Collection

Your customers can transfer in HKD, RMB or any foreign currency via online banking with any bank, Hang Seng HSBCnet, or any ATM of the HSBC Group*.

 *ATM not applicable to cash and cheque deposits and only support HKD currency transfer to HKD VA

4. Automatic funds sweeping

Incoming payments to each Virtual Account will be automatically swept to your pre-set  physical collection account.

5. Account reconcilliation

You can download at any time reports and statements via Hang Seng HSBCnet to keep track of your receivables.


How can we make a difference for you with the Virtual Account Service?

Simplified Reconciliation and Enhanced Efficiency

The unique Virtual Account Numbers can help you easily identify incoming payments to easily keep track of the payment progress of each customer. Reports and statements are available to give you an at-a-glance view of the Virtual Account Numbers, payment dates, payment channels and the like, helping you enhance management efficiency by streamlining the account reconciliation process.

Lower Operating Cost

The cost of cash management is reduced by saving the time and effort in opening and managing multiple physical accounts for payment collection, as well as allocating and consolidating funds among different accounts.

Easy Control

Based on your business needs, you can create and modify any Virtual Account conveniently and flexibly via Hang Seng HSBCnet.

Privacy Protection

Your company’s privacy protection can be safeguarded, as there is no need to disclose your physical account number.



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