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Local Interbank Transfer (CHATS)

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Keep track of incoming and outgoing payments in real time!

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Your Priority:

Making same day funds transfer to other local bank accounts securely and conveniently

Local Interbank Transfer (CHATS):

Real time payments and transfers done in HKD/USD/RMB and EUR currency to other local bank accounts through our CHATS service

How can we make a difference for you with Local Interbank Transfer?

  • Same-Day Processing

    Optimising your payments or funds transfer within the same business day. For details, please refer to the relevant Cut-off Time.

  • Convenient & Reliable Channels

    Drop by any of our branches or simply complete your Local Interbank Transfers via e-banking platform

  • Special Rates

    Enjoy preferential rateswhile conducting Local Interbank Transfers online

  • Maximise Efficiency

    Get funds transferred to other local banks’ accounts without the hassle of writing cheques and other paperwork

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