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Commercial Data Sharing Facilitated by CDI

Commercial Data Interchange (CDI) is a Hong Kong Monetary Authority blockchain-based financial data infrastructure, which allows SMEs to share commercial data from data providers with banks.

Fast-Track Product Applications with CDI

By accessing the commercial data you consented to share, the Bank will have a better understanding of your latest operating conditions and business prospects, which facilitates the review and approval process of your bank product applications. With Hang Seng Business Online Application Platform, you can now enjoy an enhanced experience of applying for a bank product by opting for sharing your commercial data, which allows paper-based document submission to be waived*.

* Subject to Terms & Conditions of each product application

Commercial Data to Be Shared

The Bank strives to promote commercial data sharing and is currently working with data providers from different industries to expand the data sharing scope.

If you use the service of QFPayHK or Octopus Cards Limited (Octopus) for business transactions, you can enjoy the convenience of CDI data sharing by simply providing data sharing consent when you submit a bank product application to us.

How to Enable CDI Data Sharing

If you are interested in our loan products, you can provide data sharing consent to authorise Hang Seng Bank to submit data requests and receive data from dedicated CDI data providers.

For customers who use QFPayHK, simply apply for SME Financing Guarantee Scheme / Hang Seng Business Loan and provide your consent online. Before you apply, go to QFPayHK and get your "CDI" Data Authorisation Code. For details, please refer to the QFPayHK FAQ.

For other customers, please contact our customer service representatives at 2198 8022 for assistance.

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