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Hang Seng FPS QR Mobile collect now supports FPS x PromptPay QR Payment. 


FPS QR Mobile Collect:

FPS QR Mobile Collect is a mobile app function that simplifies your business payment collections. By presenting an FPS QR Code generated on our Hang Seng Business Mobile App, you can instantly collect money at a physical store or on-the-go, making payment collections fast, convenient and secure. 

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Business Payment Collections Simplified

Fast, Convenient Payment Collections

FPS QR Mobile Collect makes business payment collections quick and easy. By generating unique FPS QR codes, your customers can scan and pay right away.

Streamlined Transaction Management

With FPS QR Mobile Collect, you can easily keep track of your transactions on Hang Seng Business e-Banking or Hang Seng Business Mobile App.

A Secure, Reliable Way to Collect Money

Generating QR codes to collect payments can reduce cash handling errors and keep your FPS ID private and safe.


Apply the Service on Business e-Banking via Desktop

Make business payment collections easy! Apply now on Business e-Banking via desktop by following Step 1-4 below.

Step 1

After logging in, open the side menu and select "Cash Management" > "Hang Seng Faster Payment Registration". On the registration page, click "Link New Account".

Step 3

You can check your application status on the "Hang Seng Faster Payment Registration" page later. Successful applications will be indicated as "Registered".

Step 2

Select "FPS ID" as the Addressing Identifier. Next, select "FPS QR Code", read the Terms and Conditions and confirm to proceed.

Step 4

Upon successful application, you can log in to Hang Seng Business Mobile App and start collecting money via FPS QR Mobile Collect.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to Appendix 1 of FPS QR Mobile Collect User Guide. Your application will be processed in 5 working days the soonest.

How to Collect Business Payments


Step 1

Tap "FPS QR Mobile Collect" on the side menu after logging in to the Hang Seng Business Mobile App.


Step 2

Present the QR Code to your payer to collect a payment.

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