US Securities Services

How to Start - US Securities Online Trading Service


Step 1: Open an Integrated Business Solutions Account at one of our designated business banking centres.

Step 2: Activate a Securities Account under your Integrated Business Solutions Account and activate the US Securities Service by completing and returning the Important Notes and Agreement for US Market Information Display Services and US Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) W-Series Form to your relationship manager/ any of our business banking centres.


  1. Click above links to learn more about the Important Notes and Agreement and submission of IRS W-Series Forms or contact your Relationship Manager or contact our 24-hour Business Partner Direct at (852) 2198 8000 for assistance.
  2. Please note that we cannot provide you with any legal and/or tax advice and this message is not intended to provide you with any legal and/or tax advice. If you are in any doubt as to your tax position or the completion of the aforesaid IRS W-Series Forms, please consult yoown professional advisors and refer to the IRS website.






How to get US stock quote


Step 1

Click "Investments" > "Securities" on the left-hand side menu.



Step 2

Find out the stock(s) you are looking for with stock code on “Widget” and choose "Get Free Real Time Quote”.



Step 3

View the stock Quote details.



How to trade US stocks


Step 1

Find out the stock(s) you are looking for with stock code on “Widget”.



Step 2

Input your order details and specify an order expiry date under “Good Till” (if applicable).



Step 3

Confirm and Submit your Instruction.



Step 4

Instruction received, with reference number provided.



How to view US market news


Step 1

Select "US Market", the find out the stock(s) you are looking for with stock code or stock name.



Step 2

Choose the News Category you are looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

The Service is provided via Business e-Banking to corporate customers who satisfy all the below:

  • Non-US, non-Canada and non- Republic of Korea entity , and not an entity with registered, business  or correspondence address in US, Canada or Korea; and
  • Able to provide a valid identification document such as Certification of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate or Memorandum and Articles of Association; and
  • Maintain a valid US Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form W-8BEN-E with the Bank, with Chapter 3 Status (entity type) being Corporation; and
  • Accept the Important Notes and Agreement for US market information display services.
  • Customers have an Integrated Business Solutions (“IBS”) Account with the Securities Account (account suffix 085) under it activated.



  • If your Securities Account is a Standalone Securities Account, you have to open a new IBS Account and activate the Securities Account under it in order to use the Service.
  • You will also have to maintain sufficient fund in your USD Savings Account under the IBS Account before you start to place orders.


You can download US Securities Trading Service - Important Notes and Agreement for US market information display services and the US Internal Revenue Service W-Series Forms. Please read the information carefully and select the W-Series Forms that is appropriate to you. If you are unsure, you should seek advice from a tax advisor. Hang Seng cannot provide tax advice. Completed forms could be returned to your relationship manager or any of our Business Banking Centres.

Trading Services:

You can only trade US Securities online via Business e-Banking. 

You can trade Common Stocks (excluding warrants), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and American Depository Receipts (ADRs) traded on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE ARCA, including securities listed in US as ADRs. However, we do not accept trading / transfer in of low priced securities, and we do not provide IPO service for US securities.

Note: Any US securities with unit price below USD1 may be treated as Low Priced Securities (“LPS”) by the Bank. The list of LPS will be determined by the Bank in its sole discretion and which may change from time to time. In case a US security becomes a LPS, the customer may need to take appropriate action, including but not limited to transfer out, sell or relinquish its right in those securities. The Bank will no longer offer any other services in relation to those securities, including but not limited to trading, settlement service and corporate actions etc. services.

You can place, amend or cancel (a) limit order anytime, or (b) market order during US trading hours, via Business e-Banking.

For multiple unexecuted orders captured before the market closes, we can only accept one amendment or cancellation instruction during non-trading hours. We will process your request in the next US trading session around 08:00 U.S. ET. Before we process your amendment or cancellation request, subsequent amendment and cancellation on related order cannot be accepted.

For limit order, you can specify an order expiry date from the list of dates provided under “Good Till”. You may select up to 3 calendar days. Market order is a day order and it will expire at the end of US trading hours on order capture date.

After you have entered and confirmed the order/ instruction details, a reference number will be shown on the top of completion page. This only represents acknowledgement of receipt of your order/ instruction by the Bank.

There is no guarantee that your order will be executed or executed in a timely manner in the market. The Bank will try its best to process your order but it may not be performed due to fluctuations in stock price, insufficient market liquidity, system failure or any other event beyond the control of the Bank.

You can use the “Order status” enquiry function to check the order status via Business e-Banking. Once your order is executed, execution results will be sent to you by means of an email sent to “Important Mails” in Business e-Banking and Primary User’s mobile phone number on our record via SMS if you have also enrolled to our e-Alert Services for Securities Order Notification. 

Your order will be transmitted to the broker designated by our Bank from time to time for order execution. Under certain circumstances, including but not limited to corporate events like stock split/merge, stock suspension, exceeding acceptable price variance, low priced securities, your tax status change, or whenever the relevant broker determines that it is appropriate and in the interest of a fair and orderly market to protect investors and comply with applicable local regulation/exchange trading rules/market requirements as appropriate, the broker may not proceed to execute your order in the exchange without prior notice to you.

If order is rejected by broker or exchange, the order status will become “unexecuted”. Please remember to check the latest order status through the “Order status” screen after you have placed a new order, an amendment or a cancellation instruction.

The weighted average execution price of all the same stock transactions on the trading day is shown on the contract note, while the execution price and quantity of individual trade is shown in Business e-Banking.

For market orders, the hold amount will be equal to nominal price x your specified quantity x 101%. Market order will be executed at the price prevailing at the time of execution, which may largely deviate from the quoted price at the time of order placing.

If the funding in settlement account is insufficient to settle a purchase order due to price volatility, the Bank may in its absolute discretion execute the purchase order in whole or in part and/or deduct the relevant funds from customer’s other accounts (including but not limited to HKD account). Customer must settle any resulting overdraft before T+2.

The Bank reserves the right to sell the related securities to set-off the overdraft without prior notice to the customers.

No. The receivable funds from a sale transaction executed on day T can only be used on day T+2. Whereas, the receivable scrip from a buy transaction executed on day T may be sold immediately.

Settlement cycle of the US stock markets is usually 2 business days after order execution. For buy orders, debit of the purchase amount from your account and deposit of the purchased securities will take place 2 business days after trade execution day. For sell orders, sales proceeds will be credited to your account 2 business days after sale execution day.

Trading service will be provided on Hong Kong holidays if it is a U.S. trade day. If the settlement date of previous buy / sell trade falls on Hong Kong holidays, customer can still be able to sell respective securities / buy with respective funds.

However, the actual fund / securities settlement will be deferred to the next Hong Kong working day (excluding Saturday). Contract Note will also be prepared and sent to customers on the next Hong Kong working day (excluding Saturday).

Market news:

You can access a wide range of US market information via  Business e-Banking, including real-time stock quotes, the latest US market news, top movers and major U.S. indices. Some market information is sourced from NASDAQ only and may not include other exchanges, except closing price and information provided by Refinitiv. Please note that such market information and data is for your information and reference purposes only, you are reminded to refer to the disclaimer in  Business e-Banking.

Fee and charges:

The brokerage fee is calculated based on the executed quantity or transaction amount of an order on individual trade day.