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  1. The monthly instalment amount is rounded up to 1 decimal point. The proportion of loan principal to interest in each monthly instalment amount is calculated according to the Rule of 78.
  2. The handling fee will be charged by way of further finance.
  3. The APR is based on the Net Present Value Method in accordance with the Code of Banking Practice and rounded up to 2 decimal points. It is expressed as an annualised rate, which include the basic interest rate and other fees and charges (if applicable).
  4. Customer may choose to pay interest only and not to make any principal repayment in the first 3 months of the repayment period. Afterwards, customer shall repay the entire principal and pay interest in the remaining repayment period.
  5. Outstanding Balance includes the Principal and Interest (if any). 
  6. The calculation and repayment schedule is for reference only.